Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Our Swimming Lesons

The breeze soo fine and the water warm.Children's chatter and "swimming lessons "everyone cried.
Our class changed into our swimming gear,as the lady explained.
"All right children"she said in a high voice"today we are learning how to drop into the pool on our backs and do a turtle shell".Everyone mumbled "what's a turtle shell" the lady was furious the only person who new was Janita.

We sat carefully upon the wet surface of the pool.Everyone was scared of the pool if it was to be cold or warm,as Jazmine and I dived in the it was warm just like the heat from a warm fire place it was time to get out.

As I swam out it felt like spikes poked my legs it was freezing now its lunch I was starving.

Made By Winter.

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